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About us


Tibet Watch is a UK registered charity which was set up in 2006.  Our core aim is to promote the human rights of the Tibetan people through monitoring, advocacy and research. 

Our main office is in London and we also maintain a field office in Dharamsala, India.

Human Rights Monitoring

"...in our struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we possess."    (HH 14th Dalai Lama)

We document and expose the ongoing human rights abuse in Tibet using a wide range of sources.  Our researchers collect information from a network of brave individuals who are committed to ensuring that the world hears the truth about China's repression and brutality - and Tibetan resistance.  We also carry out interviews with newly arrived Tibetan refugees, monitor Chinese government websites and media, track changes in policy or law and review both Tibetan and English language news. 

We believe that accuracy is vital in our work and all the information we disseminate is verified and corroborated before being published or passed on.

We also believe security is essential.  We never publish the names of our sources and even eye-witness testimony is published anonymously if we think there might be any risks or if the person has asked us to withhold their name.  All the information we collect is recorded on a bespoke, highly encrypted database, which was designed for us by a team who specialise in digital security for human rights organisations.

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"I was the first Tibetan prisoner to have had the opportunity to speak before the United Nations, so I knew that I was not just speaking for myself but for all Tibetans still in prison and for all Tibetans who had ever been in prison.  The delegates heard only my voice, but behind my voice lay the suffering of the thousands of prisoners who had not survived to bear witness as I have."   
(Palden Gyatso, former political prisoner)

We undertake regular advocacy with the UK government and also communicate with other national governments when the opportunity arises.  In addition, we monitor China's reporting progress with the human rights bodies at the United Nations and engage directly where we are able to provide relevant evidence.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."    (Nelson Mandela)

In addition to sharing the results of our monitoring work with third parties, we also produce thematic reports on key issues and emerging trends.

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Our team

Our team have a diverse range of skills and professional backgrounds, including journalism, academic research, human rights campaigning, legal casework, translation and teaching. 

The researchers on our team were all born in Tibet and are able to incorporate their own personal experience of the occupation into their work.  This enables us to produce strong but accessible reports on all aspects of the human rights situation in Tibet.


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Tibet Watch is led by Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren, who works on a part-time basis and is also Director of Free Tibet.  Eleanor joined Tibet Watch in April 2013, having previously been Director of Casework for legal charity Amicus, where her work focused on the death penalty in the United States.  She has worked in legal and human rights research for a number of NGOs, including the British Institute of International & Comparative Law, Peace Brigades International and the Burma Human Rights Documentation Unit.  She has also spent time in the private sector, working in project management, business development and consultancy.  Eleanor has supported the Tibetan cause since the mid-90s, when she spent a year working in Kalimpong, northern India.

Research Manager

Our Research Manager has been with Tibet Watch since 2013.  He was born in Tibet and made the journey into exile as a teenager. He has a background in journalism and worked for Tibetan media outlets in Dharamsala prior to joining Tibet Watch. As a Tibetan who still has family and friends living under occupation, he has requested to remain anonymous for security reasons.

Research Team

We currently have a team of four Tibetan researchers based in our field office.  They all maintain ties with Tibet and have friends and family still living under occupation.  They have requested to remain anonymous for security reasons.


Tibet Watch does not receive any government funding or large grants.  We are mainly funded by the generosity of individual supporters.  Regular gifts or donations are especially valuable to us as they allow us to plan our work and develop our research team.

Your support would make a huge difference.  If you would like to get involved then please have a look at ways to Support Us.