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We are mostly funded by the generosity of individual supporters.  Regular gifts or donations are especially valuable to us as they allow us to plan ahead, structure our work effectively and develop our research team.  There are different ways to give and it all means that we are able to keep publishing the truth about Tibet.  Thank you for your support.

Donate to Tibet Watch

Giving to Tibet Watch means that in very real way, you are supporting the work of our researchers in Dharamsala, northern India. The team there work tirelessly to gather reliable eye-witness accounts from Tibet, ensuring that information is verified and that their sources remain safe. The size and professionalism of Tibet Watch’s operation on the ground in the heart of the Tibetan exile community makes us the most effective organisation in the world in terms of gathering and disseminating news from Tibet.

All donations are processed through our Just Giving site.


Give in memory of a loved one

Donating in memory is a touching way to remember someone special by honouring their life and also supporting a cause that was important to them.

A personalised prayer flag inscribed with your message of remembrance will be embroidered and delivered to Dharamsala, India. A member of the Tibet Watch research team will then personally hang your flag near to the Dalai Lama's temple.


A gift in your will

Give Tibet's children the best possible chance to grow up free!  A gift to Tibet Watch in your will is an empowered way to influence the future for Tibet.  It will honour your memory, keep alive your ideals and serve for years to come to intensify the campaign for Tibetan freedom.

Visit our legacy page for more information and to download our fact sheet.