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Give Tibet's children the best possible chance to grow up free

Please consider leaving us a gift in your will

Tibet has been occupied for almost 70 years.  In this time, over 100 nations have gained their independence.  We don’t know how much longer Tibetans will have to struggle for their freedom but we do know that Tibet Watch will be monitoring and documenting their efforts every step of the way.
A gift to Tibet Watch in your will is an empowered way to influence the future for Tibet.  It will honour your memory, keep alive your ideals and serve for years to come to intensify the campaign for Tibetan freedom.
Tibet Watch documents and exposes the ongoing human rights abuse in Tibet. Our researchers collect information from a network of brave individuals who are committed to ensuring that the world hears the truth about China's repression and brutality - and Tibetan resistance.  We also carry out interviews with newly arrived Tibetan refugees, monitor Chinese government websites and media, track changes in policy or law and review both Tibetan and English language news.  We believe that accuracy is vital in our work and so all of the information we disseminate is verified and corroborated before being published or passed on.

Your gift needn’t be a large amount to make a difference.  Currently gifts range from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds; but all gifts mean we can have a greater impact.  Our fact sheet will give you all the information you need, including the difference between Tibet Watch and our campaign partner, Free Tibet, as well as guidance on types of legacy gifts and suggested wording for your will.


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