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We document and expose the ongoing human rights abuse in Tibet using a wide range of sources.  Our researchers collect information from a network of brave individuals who are committed to ensuring that the world hears the truth about China's repression and brutality - and Tibetan resistance.  We also carry out interviews with newly arrived Tibetan refugees, monitor Chinese government websites and media, track changes in policy or law and review both Tibetan and English language news. 

We believe that accuracy is vital in our work and all the information we disseminate is verified and corroborated before being published or passed on.

We also believe security is essential.  We never publish the names of our sources and even eye-witness testimony is published anonymously if we think there might be any risks or if the person has asked us to withhold their name.  All the information we collect is recorded on a bespoke, highly encrypted database, which was designed for us by a team who specialise in digital security for human rights organisations.


_Oppressors will always deny that they are oppressors. All I can do is bear witness and set down what I saw and heard and what the strange journey of my life has been. Suffering is written now in the valleys an (1).png