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Tibetan monk missing following arrest

Sonam Palden.

Sonam Palden.

Chinese authorities detained a monk from Kirti Monastery in eastern Tibet last month for unspecified reasons. He has been missing since.

Sonam Palden, 22 was arrested on 19 September. He has been held incommunicado by the police since then. Authorities have refused to give information about his location or reason for his arrest, Tibet Watch said, adding his family have not heard from him.

"The authorities have not provided a reason for his arrest, but his family and friends think it might be linked to his writing and commentary about the condition and issues around the Tibetan language on a social media site," a coordinator with the Dharamsala branch of Kirti Monastery said. 

In the last few years, Chinese authorities have been tightening their grip over social activities of Tibetans, while Tibetan language and environmental activists have been detained and charged with political crimes.

Free Tibet also reported in May that the Chinese government has ordered school classes in some areas of Tibet to be taught in Chinese.